I'm Back

24 October, 20222 min read
Wow its been a long time since I last published a post, a year and 10 months to be exact

Detect if a React Component is Out of Viewport Bounds

26 January, 20215 min read
So I recently found myself asking, "How do I detect if a component is out of viewport bounds?", the reason I was asking myself this question was because I wanted to know how to detect and move components if they were not in view, such as tooltips, dropdowns, menu items etc...

Publish Posts to Dev.to and Your Site Automatically in One Go

1 May, 20206 min read
So for a while now I've wanted to start publishing posts to dev.to but haven't because I wanted to publish my posts to my personal site as well and was just too darn lazy to duplicate the content onto dev.to manually

Note to New Software Engineers

15 April, 20204 min read
So you're a new software engineer ay? Well, let me bestow upon you some of the knowledge I gained over my 8-year career as a software engineer.

Pre-Loading External Images in Gatsby JS

1 April, 20204 min read
Gatsby is a great tool that lets you build awesome applications! In fact I use Gatsby for my own site (hopefully you're reading this on there ๐Ÿ˜ƒ), but I ran into an issue with loading externally hosted images.

Just Start

13 February, 20203 min read
How can you overcome your fear of starting a project? Let me share my experience

Set Up an Integration + Deployment Pipeline Using Jenkins + Portainer + Traefik + Docker

23 May, 201914 min read
Lets set up an integration and deployment pipeline using Jenkins, Portainer, and Docker!

TypeScript and Why You Should Use It

29 April, 20194 min read
Thatโ€™s right, another blog post about why you should use TypeScript ๐Ÿ™ƒ

React + Webpack + TypeScript Project Setup

8 April, 20197 min read
Let's get React and TypeScript setup, its a lot easier than you think!